Valley of the Shadow
The War Years
Spring 1861–Spring 1865

Letters & Diaries


Garber Family (1861-1863)

Before the Civil War, John and Jane Dull lived in Augusta County, Virginia, with their daughter Cornelia. John Dull enlisted as a private in Company D of the 5th Virginia Infantry in October 1864. He served in the Valley of Virginia and later in eastern Virginia near Petersburg. After five months of service, Dull died in battle in March 1865. Jane either remarried or left Augusta because there is no listing for Jane Dull in the 1870 Census.

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Garber Family

Military Service

This collection contains letters written by various members of the Garber Family of Augusta County. Thomas Garber’s letters to his father, Albert Garber, and sister, Addie Garber, dominate the collection, and in them he describes his life in camp as a member of the 12th Virginia Cavalry and tells about that regiment’s actions in and out of the Valley. Together with other letters written by brother Michael Garber, and cousins Asher Harman, Lewis Harman, and M.G. Harman, the Garber letters offer insight into the ordeal of a southern family in wartime.