Valley of the Shadow
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Hoisting of The Flag Over Jackson's Grave

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Staunton Artillery

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Staunton Artillery.

This company, commanded by Capt. Garber of Staunton, in the recent fight at Spottsylvania C.H. has gloriously maintained the high reputation it won on the field of First Manassas. In this engagement the Richmond Howitzers left their guns and Gen. Lee called for volunteers to man them. The Staunton Artillery promptly moved forward and manned the Howitzer Battery and two others, and worked the guns so efficiently as to receive a handsome compliment from Gen. Lee.

Here they lost Jas. T. Burns, killed, and Sergt's Jno Bryan, and John Butler, Corpl Benj. Pforr and Privates W.C. Smith, Peter Good, John Stirewalt, Christian Huffman, Peter Proctor, Benj Ford and Henry Woods, wounded slightly, except Benj Pforr who is supposed to be mortally wounded.

General Hospital, Staunton, Va.

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