Valley of the Shadow
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President Buchanan's State of the Union message.

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Continuation of President's message. Top, edge of column 7 are torn off. Column 5 has proceedings of State Democratic Convention. List of letters left in the post office in column 7.

For the Vindicator

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For the Vindicator

At a meeting held in the village of Mt. Solon, in Augusta county, Va., on the 15th of December, 1859:

On motion, Dr. James T. Clarke was called to the Chair and Geo. M. Miller appointed Secretary.

The object of the meeting being briefly explained, the following preamble and resolutions were submitted by Mr. Jno. A. Garrett and unanimously adopted by those assembled:

WHERAS, the North, by repeated acts of aggression, contumely and oppression exercised towards us, but more particularly by the late unparalleled outrage enacted at Harper's Ferry by a murderous band of their fanatical emissaries, has at length aroused us to a sense of the great wrong and injury we are constantly sustaining at their hands; therefore,

Resolved, That mindful of former offenses, and in view of further aggression upon the rights and liberties of the South, it is the duty of every community to prepare to defend themselves, their families, and their firesides, from similar invasions or further insult, in any way, shape or form, at the hands of the North.

Resolved, That we, citizens of Mt. Solon, do forthwith proceed to organize a volunteer company, to be called the ----------, to be composed of members over the age of 17 years and under 50 years.

Resolved, That we petition to the Governor of this Commonwealth to provide us with the necessary arms and accoutrements to equip said company, as soon as we shall have obtained the requisite complement of members.

Resolved, That we view the late foray at Harper's Ferry, and its subsequent developments, with unfeigned astonishment and the deepest indignation. That the infamous treachery and ingratitude of the North has been fully revealed, and it is full time that the South should manifest its displeasure in some spirited and practical manner.

Resolved, That we heartily co-operate with the seal and enthusiasm manifested by the different companies formed in this and other counties since the late outrage, and most cordially commend the independent, vigilant and fearless course pursued by our spirited and patriotic Governor towards its perpetrators, their aiders, advisers and abettors.

Resolved, That D. N. Van Lear, Geo. M. Miller and Jno. A. Garrett be and are hereby appointed a Committee to obtain names of persons who wish to become members of this company, and to draft the necessary Constitution and By-Laws for the government of the same.

Resolved, That the Secretary transmit a copy of these proceedings to the Staunton papers for publication.

Military Meeting

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President's Message

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False Report

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To the Ladies--Cemetary fair

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Candidates announcements, column 2.


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