Valley of the Shadow


Smith, a native of Augusta County, Virginia, asks for leave from the Union Army to visit his family in Chambersburg.

Camp 69th Pa. Vet. Vols.


I would hereby make application to you for a leave of absence for the space of Twenty days in order to visit my family at Chambersburg, Pa. and make provision for their comfort and happiness.

I would state that four Years ago I was a citizen of the State of Virginia, and was obliged on account of my Union sentiments to leave my home which was in Augusta County. I took with me my family and settled in Chambersburg, Penna. of which place I was a resident until it was burned by McCauslin. I was then compelled to find a home for my family, and through the kindness of one of the citizens, I received permission to occupy a portion of his house for my family, until I should have been able to make other arrangements. The period allowed me for such occupancy expired upon the 1st inst. and I am exceedingly anxious to visit Chambersburg and provide suitable accommodations and a home for my wife and family. I have no one capable of acting for me in my absence from home, hence my urgency in the matter.

In October 1864 I entered the service as Asst. Sg'n. of this Regiment, and although there were many matters requiring my personal attention at home, I felt a delicacy in making application for a leave of absence from the fact that I had been in the service for so short a period of time. I have thought however that the present was an opportune moment, when my services might be spared for the period asked for, and my application meet with approval.

Requesting that this application be forwarded to the proper authority, I am

Very Respectfully Yours

Charles J. Smith
Asst. Sgn. 69 Pa. Vet. Vols.