Valley of the Shadow


McCorkle's letter to his brother [in-law?] complains about delays in the mail system, as asks about his brother's family.


My Dear Bro

You letter of Feby 9 has just come to hand. I am surprised that you had not recd my letter written some time ago acknowledging receipt of your draft. We have had immense floods which I suppose have delayed the mails and at this place we have instead of a P. Master an incompetent boy who does not know how to send letters to their proper destination.

I sold the draft for three [unclear: prct] just what it cost you so that nothing was lost. Your letter came in the midst of a most interesting meeting and also one from [unclear: S] I am glad to hear that your daughters are nearly through with school. I hope they will prove a comfort to you and sister and that you will not have occasion to regret what you have done for them. My love to all.

Yoru Affect Brother

A. B. McCorkle

If you have to give [unclear: A Pct] please buy and send one. Yours Fraternally A.B.M