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The Eve of War
Fall 1859–Spring 1861

1860 Census and Summaries

Value of Manufacturing in the Counties, 1860

On a per capita basis Augusta invested nearly as heavily as Franklin in manufacturing. If only free white Augusta residents are the basis for comparison—not total population—Augusta had a higher per capita investment. Augusta and Franklin differed, though, on the industries they emphasized.

Augusta Franklin
Capital Invested 639,010 1,146,320
Capital Invested per capita 23 (all) 30 (white) 27
Value of Products 915,713 1,722,626
Capital Invested per capita 32 (all) 42 (white) 41
No. of Blacksmiths 17 27
No. Persons per Blacksmith 1,632 1,560
No. Flour Mills 62 60
No. Persons per Flour Mill 448 702
No. Lumber Mills 22 26
No. Persons per Lumber Mill 1,261 1,620
No. Tin Makers 2 10
No. Persons per Tin Maker 13,874 4,213

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