Valley of the Shadow
The War Years
Spring 1861–Spring 1865

Letters & Diaries

letters and diaries

Stouffer Family (1861-1865)

Jacob and Elizabeth Stouffer lived on their farm in Guilford Township in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Peter Stouffer, a carpenter living in Jacob and Elizabeth’s household, enlisted as a private in the 165th Pennsylvania in 1862, but was soon discharged on a medical exemption. Amos Stouffer did not serve in the Union army, but considered himself an ardent patriot.

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Stouffer Household

Eliza R. Stouffer and Jacob Stouffer wrote most of the letters in this collection. Correspondents include Anna Hoover, Catharine Miller, Amos Miller, Mary Polly, Mary R. Stouffer, Emma V. Stouffer, and Eliza V. Stouffer.

This portion of Eliza R. Stouffer’s diary contains entries for a trip away from home in June 1863 and July 1863. Most of the entries record the weather and visits with family and friends in Pennsylvania. Eliza first reported a rumor that the Confederates were advancing upon Chambersburg and then noted news that they had destroyed property and abused people. On the journey home, Union soldiers “pressed” Stouffer’s party into hauling for the Union army.

Amos was the fifth child of Jacob and Eliza Stouffer. His brief diary entries give a civilian perspective on important military events in Pennsylvania, including Robert E. Lee’s 1863 invasion of the North, the battle of Gettysburg, and Abraham Lincoln’s dedication of the Gettysburg cemetery in November 1863.