Valley of the Shadow
The War Years
Spring 1861–Spring 1865

Letters & Diaries


Henry H. and Mary E.A. Dedrick (1861-1863)

Before the war, Henry H. Dedrick and his wife Mary E. A. Dedrick lived on their farm in Rockingham County, Virginia. During the war, Dedrick served in the 52nd Virginia Infantry. He enlisted in July 1861 in Waynesboro as a private. His military records list wounds received in 1862, imprisonment by the Union army, and several periods of being absent without leave. After the war, the Dedricks moved to a farm in Augusta County.

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Dedrick Family

During the war, Henry H. Dedrick served as a private in the 52nd Virginia Infantry. This collection mostly consists of letters from Henry Dedrick to his wife, Mary E.A. “Lissa” Dedrick. He wrote about camp life including, the scarcity of rations, the prevalence of illness, and the boredom of guard duty. Through these letters, Dedrick kept abreast of happenings at home and advised his wife in financial and familial matters.