Valley of the Shadow

From Compiled Military Service Records at National Archives

Personal Information

Name: Edward Valentine Garber
Birthplace: Augusta Co.
Date of Birth: May 26, 1836
Physical Description: --
Prewar Life: Mechanic; resident of Missouri; returned when Virginia seceded

Enlistment Records

Date of Enlistment: July 9, 1861
Place of Enlistment: Staunton
Age at Enlistment: --
Occupation at Enlistment: Mechanic
Conscript Or Substitute: --

Service Information

Rank: 1st Lt.
Company: A
Transfer Company: --
Regiment: 52nd Va. Inf.

Military Service Record

Promotions: Acting Adj. of Regt. since 12-26-1861; relieved as acting Adj. 01-20-1862; elected Capt. 05-01-1862
Transfers and Other Services: --
Muster Sheet: Present 11-00-1861 to 02-00-1862; present Harrisonburg 06-06-1862; commanding Co. 03-00-1862, 04-00-1862
Captured: --
Missing in Action: --
Prison: --
AWOL (Absent without Leave): --
Deserted: --
Discharge: --
Paroled: --
Notes: While leading his company in a charge against the enemy. . . In all relations of life he uniformly bore himself with rare and undeviating faultlessness. He aproved himself to his comrads brave, generous, self-sacrificing. He encountered all the vicissitudes of the trying service in which he was engaged with unwavering fortitude. He discharged all the duties of this office with signal ability and fidelity-- he met all the difficulties with unshaken equanimity.

Casualty Information

Killed in Action: August 30, 1862; Second Manassas; Age 25
Wounded in Action: --
Died of Disease: --
Died of Wounds: --
Hospital: --

Other Information

Personal Life: --
Postwar Life: --
Date of Death: August 29, 1862
Place of Death: 2nd Manassas age 25
Burial Place: Thornrose Cemetery
Cause Of Death: Killed in battle
Epitaph: --
Dwelling # (1860 Census): --
Family # (1860 Census): --