Valley of the Shadow

From Compiled Military Service Records at National Archives

Personal Information

Name: Asher Waterman Garber
Birthplace: Staunton on SR 4
Date of Birth: --
Physical Description: --
Prewar Life: Machinist, Northern Dist. Augusta Co. 1860 census

Enlistment Records

Date of Enlistment: April 17, 1861
Place of Enlistment: Staunton
Age at Enlistment: 28
Occupation at Enlistment: --
Conscript Or Substitute: --

Service Information

Rank: Capt.
Company: --
Transfer Company: --
Regiment: Staunton Artillery

Military Service Record

Promotions: --
Transfers and Other Services: Elected 1st Lt. 04-22-1862; Elected Captain 12-13-1862
Muster Sheet: Enlisted as 2nd Lt.; Wounded at Bull Run 07-21-1861; wounded through 09-01-1861; Commanded the Battery during the 7 Days Campaign and 2nd Manassas; Commanded Battery 09-00-1862 Through 10-00-1862; Commanded Battery Fredericksburg and 11-00-1862 Through 02-00-1863; Absent at Staunton to procure horses 05-03-1863 Through 09-00-1863; Commanding Battery 05-10-1863 Until horse killed under him at Spotsylvania C.H. 05-10-1864; Paid 1800 dollars; Captured at Spotsylvania C.H., 05-12-1864, escaped; Present until WIA, Leetown 09-03-1864; Absent, wounded in Lynchburg hosp. Until 10-07-1864; Present 10-31-1864 Through 02-28-1865; Commanding Bn. 11-30-1864 Through 04-06-1865 Or 04-09-1865; Surrendered at Appomattox 04-09-1865
Captured: May 12, 1864; Spotsylvania; escaped
Missing in Action: --
Prison: --
AWOL (Absent without Leave): --
Deserted: --
Discharge: --
Paroled: --
Notes: Surrendered at Appomattox 04-09-65

Casualty Information

Killed in Action: --
Wounded in Action: July 21, 1861; Bull Run, arm; Leetown, right thigh, 09-03-1864; Sailor's Creek by spent ball 04-06-1865
Died of Disease: --
Died of Wounds: --
Hospital: In Lynchburg hosp. After wounding at Leetown 09-03-1864 Until 10-07-1864

Other Information

Personal Life: Brother of Michael C. Garber, Jr.; Captain W. D. Brown, Acting Chief of Artillery, Ewell's Division wrote on !12-02-62! The Captaincy of the 'Staunton Artillery' having been much vacant by resignation of Capt. W.L. Balthis, I respectfully recommend A.W. Garber, Senior Lieutenant of that company for appointment to fill the vacancy so perceived. Lt. Garber has been in command of the company for five months past and is very qualified for this promotion. Col. Stapleton Crutchfield, Chief of Arty. 2nd Corps, endorsed the recommendation the next day I cordially approve the within recommendation. Lt. Garber has exhibited in an eminent degree all the qualifications necessary for a Prof. Capt. Not only on the battlefield but in the interior management and discipline of his company and I think no better selection could be made for a Captain. The recommendation was forwarded and approved by Gen T.J. Jackson and forwarded and recommended by Gen. R.E. Lee.
Postwar Life: In transfer business at Richmond from 00-00-65 Through 00-00-99 At least;
Date of Death: April 21, 1912
Place of Death: Richmond
Burial Place: Hollywood Cem.
Cause Of Death: --
Epitaph: --
Dwelling # (1860 Census): 1020
Family # (1860 Census): 1025