Valley of the Shadow


A son writes to his mother of the books he is reading and of North-South politics

His Mother

My dear Mother,

I received your letter in due time. I have been busily employed since I wrote last either reading or working. I have been reading Prescott's Conquest of Mexico in three volumes of more than five hundred pages each. I will soon be through with the last volume. These volumes belong to the Summerville circulating library. I wish there was public spirit enough in Talledega to get up a public library. After I get through with Mexico I will try to get Prescott's [unclear: Period] and History of "Ferdinand and Isabella."

I feel that my health is greatly improved since I came here. I was at church yesterday, in Summerville. Rev. Mr. Theo Smith preached. I went home with Mr. Gilkeson and stayed all night. Next morning Mr. Gilkeson, Willie, and myself went over to Mrs. McRae's and stayed awhile. I came [unclear: home] way back to Grandpa's in the evening an hour at Mrs. Ronceville's David is recovering his strength slowly. Alphonso [unclear: Hall] will start back to the army Friday. Were any Talledega companies in the battle below Richmond? I am anxious to know how they fared. I cant comprehend the reason you give for secession, that the North and the South did not love each other. With what cruel hatred do the most pious people of the North regard the Southern Rebels "Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft" The pious and highly conservative Dr. Engles declares that our treatment of prisoners Consigns the South to Execration! Malignant fanaticism fills the best minds in the north. The Christians of the North are as much justifiable for supporting this war as the pious Catholics were for supporting the Inquisition. P.S. Uncle James has gone to town without and too soon for me to finish my letter. I will try and write another this week. Dr. Stuart is waiting at the gate to for this letter so I must close.

In great haste, Your affectionate son,

Gamble McCorkle

I would rewrite this letter if I had time