Valley of the Shadow


William Nelson Pendleton writes to his daughter and tells her to trust in the Lord for their protection. He describes the movement of northern troops around Staunton and mentions the death of General W.E. Jones.

Hd. Qrs. Corps Near Gains Mill Hanover Co. Va

My Beloved Daughter

Only last night did I learn that the enemy had reached Staunton. Gnl. W.E. Jones being unfortunately been killed, and our forces thereabout, not deeming themselves strong enough, having fallen back toward the mountains. Of course the enemy unobstructed will proceed to [unclear: loot] and what outrages they may perpetuate there none can say. I am anxious about our Dear and yet not [unclear: corroding] - a, my trust's in that Almighty goodness - which can protect Christ's servants under all circumstances. Yr Ma will be sustained, I believe, for the time. And I cannot suppose that even Yankee villany will be allowed to indulge itself in [unclear: any] disgraces to my family. They may destroy property, and so inflict a good deal of suffering. But all that can be [unclear: re------]. Meantime, however, while they cannot hear from us, nor [unclear: we from] them. J be deeply [unclear: concerned], and they will suffer, I know, extreme anxiety. The Lord, however, is with us. And will be a very fervent help now and in all times of trouble. Col Lee is much in [unclear: your] thoughts. He too will be taken care of, I feel assured. and going off immediately, and I do trust the despicable & traitor, Hunter, may be punished as he deserves, before he can do much mischief. Of course Kate & yourself must now remain in Richmond until this state of things is remedied. My best love to you both.

Yr. fond father

W.N. Pendleton