Valley of the Shadow


Hull writes to a friend about his desire to leave Winchester. He also mentions a furlough he received on account of his typhoid fever, and talks about how hard it has been for the Confederacy to succeed militarily. Hull was a member of the 4th Va.


Camp on the Rapidan Near Orang C.H.

My Dear Friend

As I feel quite lonesome this beautiful Sunday morning, My Thoughts wanded back to the good Old Times I have spent in Winchester and also in your presence and I thought there would not be any impropriety in dropping you a few lines as I thought you would be glad to hear from me if I am a [unclear: Rebel ] as I believe you are hard on them. Oho if I could hear that Miss Julie [unclear: Hremer] was still living when I think of her (and that is often) it seems that it is not Possible that she is dead. some times I think I am dreamming. But Alas it is True Miss Lizzie I have been spending some very happy days since I last saw you. I went from Winchester to Staunton and staid there in the Hospital a month and I went to my company and did not remain there but a few days when I was taking with the Typhoid fever and got a furlough for 50 days. I just got back. no person ever enjoyed themselves better than I did. It is reported every wher I am engaged to be married. They had a day set. I did not know it untill the time had past. I wish I had of know it sooner I might of not disappointed Them. you know who it is I guess. That Young Lady I was [unclear: corresponing ] with when I was staying with you all. I enjoyed myself very much in her company whilst at home. We took a trip to Richmond while I was at Home. I wish you could of been with us. I often wish I could be at your house. I made My Sisters believe I was engaged to a Miss Dieffendaffer off Winchester. I just done it to get them to tease me. has Miss Maggey got well and is she married yet. I guess she is & Miss Camilla & Sallie how are they all also that Good Old Father & Mother of yours are they well &c give them all my kindest regards. Tell Mr Dieffendaffer I hope he will be at Home next time I go to Winchester. Mr Williams sends his respects to all I suppose he is you are acquainted with him. he claims Miss Maggie as a sweetheart. I am trying to get a transfer to the Calvary in the Valley for I want to see Winchester so bad. We are seeing hard times now. building fortifications along The Rapidan. we are expecting a Battle ever day. our independence is mighty hard to get, but we are not discouraged yet I do not belive it ever will be settled that is by fighting.

President Davis reviews our corps tomorrow. I wish he had of staid where he belongs for I do hate this inspection. we have been building winter quarters for 2 months but cannot get to stay in them the Yankees got our best [unclear: houses ]. I wish I was in that fine house beyond Winchester I built. Some mean Yankee is living in it now I expect. If I donot get killed in this War I expect to visit old Winchester and hunt me a wife for I have taking a perticular favor to the Ladies of that place. all Soldiers speak more of Winchester than any place we ever been at.

I will bring my badly written letter to a clos. Hoping you will honor me with a letter Tell all of your Sisters to write to me. Give my love to Mrs Hremer & and all of my kind friends.

And much love to you all

Your True Friend

John N. Hull

Directions Comp "D" 4

thVa Infantry Stone Wall Brigade Ewell Corps 1st Division A.N.V.