Valley of the Shadow
The Eve of War
Fall 1859–Spring 1861

Letters & Diaries

Augusta County Court Will Book #37 page 257
John Golladay

Inventory of the real and personal estate of John Golladay deceased
September 14th 1859

Item Value Item Value
115 Acres Land
at $5.00 per acre $575.00 Two Sows and Pigs $10.00
Lot of Barrels 1.5 Wagon 30
Lot of old irons 0.5 Harrow Teeth and foks 0.5
ditto 1.25 Saw and drawing knife 0.5
ditto 0.75 Pair Harness 0.75
ditto augers 0.25 Brown Horse 75
Pots oven and Skillet 1 Dun Mare 50
Trace hoops and jointers 2.5 Sorrel mare 75
Shoe lasts .125 c. 1 Calf 4
Trow 0.25 Wagon and plough gears 2
Cradle and Lythe and old irons 0.5 Cutting Box and Knife 0.5
lot old chains 0.25 Red Cow 12
Box and Sundries 0.5 four young cattle 50
Broad axe 0.37 Log chains and Gun 4
Doubletree and links 0.25 copper kettle 5
Pine Shingles 3 Fax Wheel 0.25
Twelve Shoats 18

David Blackwood Executor. Pursuant to an order of court to us directed we have appraised the estate of John Golladay Dec'd shown to us by the Exec. to the best of our judgements. Given under our hands this 14th day of September 1859

William Glenn
j George W. Crorsborger
Abraham Crist